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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

How much does it cost to start diving?

With our range of training options, getting into scuba diving with Cirencester Dolphin starts from a little over £300.00, offering excellent value for money. Of course, it’s up to you how far you take your diving career, and it’s up to you how little, or how much you want to spend!

What’s UK diving like?

UK diving offers some of the most interesting and varied diving you’ll find; from World War shipwrecks, playful seals, reefs populated with corals, anenomes & sponges and even sharks, UK waters are full of wonderful & diverse attractions!

Whilst not always offering the perfect conditions you see in tropical paradises on travel shows and wildlife documentaries, the visibility can vary in UK waters, however your training will enable you to safely and enjoyably dive in low visibility conditions, and even night diving, where visibility is only provided by torchlight!

Due to the skills you learn from diving in a drysuit, UK diving sets you up for exploring the subaqua world anywhere on the planet.

Isn’t UK diving cold? How do I keep warm?

Keeping warm is an essential part of diving in the UK. Just as you would for any other outdoor activity, dress appropriately – there isn’t bad weather, just the wrong clothing!

On the surface, gloves, hat and a thick coat help you keep warm during dives, whilst a well-fitting drysuit and thermal baselayers will help keep you warm in the water.

We always advise investing in a decent drysuit from a well-known manufacturer, who will assist in finding the ideal suit for you.

So how does a drysuit keep you dry?

A drysuit is manufactured from flexible waterproof materials, enabling you to move around comfortably. Heavy duty waterproof zips, and snugly fitting wrist & neck seals prevent water from entering the suit, whilst enabling (relatively!) easy egrees & ingress from it.

A drysuit will be one of the most important investments you make, and can last for years if looked after, so don’t be tempted by a bargain you’ve spotted on the internet, instead ask club members for advice, and speak to a dive shop or manufacturer directly before committing – some manufacturers even offer fitting and tailoring of off-the-shelf suits to make sure your suit fits you perfectly.

How much does an expedition cost?

This depends on the expedition! At Cirencester Dolphin we regularly organise trips to inland and offshore sites. Daily, weekend & week-long trips are organised with dive expedition companies, other clubs or just ourselves – all of which mean there’s the opportunity to dive whatever your budget and time allows.

We understand that some want to take their diving further afield, trips to internationally recognised diving destinations such as The Red Sea are organised annually.

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