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Try scuba diving

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Have you wanted to give diving a go, but not sure you’d like it? If so, then a try dive is for you.

Diving is a wonderful sport, enjoyed by many who love exploring the fascinating world below the surface of the water.

A try dive gives you the opportunity to experience the underwater world without investing a lot of time and money before knowing whether you like it or not!

What’s involved?

Before getting in the water, your instructor will go through basic safety procedures, hand signals to enable you to communicate underwater, and of course the SCUBA equipment. Once completed, you will be helped with ‘kitting up’ in preparation for the fun part of the session – getting into and under the water!

Do I need to bring anything?

Just bring a towel, normal swimwear & t-shirt or, if you have one, a shorty wetsuit or swimtop, to make your wearing the equipment more comfortable. If you already have your own fins and mask, bring them too – if not, don’t worry, as these will be provided.

Are there any restrictions?

If you are 14 or older and do not have any known significant medical problems – heart conditions, fits or epilepsy, sinus or problems (such as perforated ear drums), lung or respiratory disorders (such as asthma). If you have any questions about medical restrictions, or anything else, please contact us to discuss them beforehand.

I loved my try dive! What’s next?

Once your try dive is finished, you’ll be debriefed by your instructor and encouraged to give feedback on your experience.

If you enjoyed it, your next step is to join the club and start your Ocean Diver training! Once qualified, you will be able to explore the underwater world; whether that be wrecks, beautiful coral reefs or inland sites, as a BSAC Ocean Diver, your qualification is internationally recognised, and opens up a world of diving opportunities!

Book a Try Dive today!

Book your Friday evening Try Dive session at Cotswold Leisure Centre with a fully qualified BSAC Instructor. For just £25, we will provide the pool, kit and bags of fun!

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